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Jul 14, 2022
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Liveable city transport What would transportation in a liveable city look like? The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) put forward the transportation goals for safe, inclusive and resilient sustainable cities: "By 2030, provide safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transportation systems for all, Improve road safety by expanding the provision of mass transit, with special attention to vulnerable people, women, children, people with disabilities and the elderly." The mass transit system is key. In the 20th century, urban development was dominated by automobiles, so the construction and expansion of roads was a photo background removing common urban landscape, and was often regarded as a performance of political achievements. With the popularity of automobiles, traffic has become more and more congested. It is generally believed that widening or opening new roads can solve the problem, but research points out that the supply of new roads is often in addition to the original transportation volume, resulting in more additional traffic (generated traffic) relying on private vehicles, resulting in many external costs [1] , such as traffic congestion, consumption of public space, inefficiency and air pollution and other negative effects. In addition, if a city mainly relies on cars as the main mobility tool, it also implies the threshold and fairness of this mobility mode. Adding new road supplies is usually the first step in creating a "cycle of automobile dependency" . The extended road network creates longer distances traveled by cars and will crowd out other modes of transportation that compete with cars, such as mass transit, cycling and walking . Urban sprawl and suburbanization accompany the production of more miles traveled by cars. Making car mobility a demand, in turn, enters a vicious circle that will create more car traffic. That's why the former mayor of Bogota, Enrique Peñalosa, promoted a bus rapid transit system during his tenure, aimed at reducing traffic on the city's roads and improving traffic in Bogotá. " A progressive city doesn't allow the poor to drive, it allows the rich to use m
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